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What Is Covered

HVAC & Plumbing

Basement & Foundation

Interiors & Exteriors

Roof & Structure

Appliances & Electrical

Fireplaces & More


Current Recognition & Certifications

Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®


Certified for home inspections, member NACHI22062429.

A logo for InterNACHI's Certified Professional Inspector program.
IAC2 Certified Professional Mold and Radon logo.
IAC2 Certified Professional

International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants

Dedicated to education and expertise in identifying and solving indoor air quality problems in homes. Member IAC2-93917.

Infrared Certified


Completed training and certification program in Building Science & Infrared Thermography, also called Thermal Imaging.

A logo for InterNACHI's Infrared Certified program.
Asbestos Awareness

Worksite Safety Compliance Centre Inc.

Training for Type-1 and 2 asbestos work. Certificate G1T98KE2SRGG4P.


You Should Know

Why Switch?

Service on weekends, no extra fees
Condos and apartments at a flat rate
Thermography and advanced testing

Why Choose 3Z Inspections?

On-time service, or it's free
Quality reports with clear imagery
Friendly, knowledgeable, even for first time buyers


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



+1 (613) 701-6161

3Z Inspections offers quality home inspections. No matter the home, or type of inspection, you can trust that 3Z Inspections will deliver quality.

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